Something for everyone

elSantCugat, a multi-corner space. 

Combining functionality and rationality with a warm, young, cheerful, and unifying interior design.


Conceived, designed, and equipped so that you can work with maximum comfort whilst also being able to peacefully unwind when you need to.

A welcoming and exciting space

You’ll find everything you need all in one place.

Eat in

Eat out

Spaces and celebrations

Plenty of space for your celebrations and plenty of privacy for your meetings.

Rational and functional

“Our identity is not defined by nations or borders but by the local immersive experiences we have had throughout our lives in different parts of the world, from which we have taken little pieces home, in such a way as to create a cultural collage to share with those around us”.

A contemporary lifestyle that engages with the community, embraces diversity, encourages change and adaption while respecting the environment and our surroundings.